For our English speaking friends a short summary of what’s going on at our gathering end of May …

Leffe and Hoanzlbeng (spoons and shaving horses) is a small festival around traditional crafts (mainly green woodworking) in Bavaria nearby Munich.
It takes place at the Jexhof, a small farmhouse museum – the place is just beautiful – surrounded by woodlands and meadows it makes a perfect ambience for our event.
For more information about the museum have a look at

On Friday we offer

day courses

starting at 10:00 am to approximately 17:00 pm
We are happy to have a nice variety of courses and some fantastic teachers

Karel Hekrle – carving small Kuksas – 6 people max.
Cyril Sormani – „vannerie sauvage“/ wild basketry – 8 people max. – fully booked
Dietrich Staemmler – carving big spoons – 8 people max.
Jan-Harm ter Brügge – carving traditional swedish eating spoons – 8 people max. – fully booked
Werner Fuchs –  carving a bit less traditional eating spoons – 6 people max.

To book on these courses (50,- Euro per person)  please use the „Kontakt“-page to get in touch.
For more information about the tutors please have a look at the „Team“ (hopefully there will be a translation within the next days) …

Over the weekend we will offer a few

Workshops, Talks and Demos

Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Beginners axe work- Dietrich Staemmler
Beginners knife work – Werner Fuchs
Beginners knife or axe (depends) – Karel Hekrle
Carving a small animal (just for fun) – Cyril Sormani
Finishing a spoon / there is a life without sandpaper – Werner Fuchs

Sunday 10:00 – 16:00 Uhr
Save knife transport – leatherwork/nordic knife sheath – Cyril Sormani & Werner Fuchs
knife and tool handles – Dietrich Staemmler
Patterns – nordic chipcarving – Jan Harm ter Brügge

These are the workshops we’ve planned at the moment, hopefully there will be some more. The website will be updated frequently so it may be worth a look every now and then.

How to get there – the location is not too far from Munich, you can get there easily by using the public transport no matter whether you arrive at Munich main station or Munich airport. Just make sure to get off the train in Schöngeising. From Schöngeising it’s around 4 km walk or if you give us a shout we will pick up at the train station …

If you have any questions please get in contact with us – just use the „Kontakt“-page,
please note – if you want to attend you have to register using the „Kontakt“-page by
just giving us your name and – in case you want to book on one of the courses on Friday –
the name of the course …

Thanks for your interest
Werner & the team